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Practicing Forest Bathing

Research spearheaded by Dr Qing Li

Dr Qing Li has been at the forefront of Japanese research into forest-bathing. Studies by his team at the Nippon medical school have shown, 50% of the beneficial health effects of Forest Bathing come from the chemistry of forest air. The health benefits can be attributed to the higher oxygen content of forest air, as well as, and perhaps most importantly, trees expel chemicals that help them fight off diseases, these chemicals can boost our immune system (NK cell count). You can see this being explained in the interview.

“The good news is that even a small amount of time in nature can have an impact on our health. A two-hour forest bathe will help you to unplug from technology and slow down. It will bring you into the present moment to de-stress and relax you. When you connect to nature through all five of your senses, you begin to draw on the vast array of benefits the natural world provides.”


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