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Unwind your mind before bed with audio meditations 
& bedtime rituals

Our Dream

We all have moments of anxiety and nights of unsettled sleep. The Sound Asleep Club was set up to help you unwind your mind at the end of the day, as you transition and travel into the land of nod. Resulting in a more restful night's sleep, that helps you wake up refreshed and feeling good the next morning.

Discover audio meditations and bedtime rituals to help you let go of the day, relax & sleep.

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Sound Asleep Club Audio Meditations and stories include:

  • Gong baths

  • ​Breathwork

  • Singing bowls

  • ​Mindful classical music

  • Guided meditations

  • Sound spas 

  • Bedtime stories

  • Lullabies

  • Mindful doodling

  • Journaling 

The Sound Asleep Club welcomes you...
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