"I launched The Chiltern Sound Spa to create space for people to release their stresses, connect with their creativity and listen to their intuition"

Deborah lives in the Chilterns with her family and dog. 


She has a background in design and social innovation, founding her first business thinkpublic after volunteering at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital and being inspired by how simple design changes could improve patient and staff experience and communications across the NHS.


Throughout her career she has focused on creatively tackling global health & wellness challenges.


Inspired by her shamanic work, she's trained as a sound practitioner, sacred cacao ceremony facilitator and felt drawn to launch The Chiltern Sound Spa at the start of 2018 (on the Blue Moon) with the mission to share a broad range of practices that support mindful wellbeing.


Deborah is currently learning to use Bach Flower Remedies and studying a diploma in Forest Bathing. 


Deborah's registered with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.


Our mission is to help make sound healing, forest bathing and other ancient holistic practices mainstream, so they can enhance and support people's mental wellbeing and creativity. 


We host immersive events both virtually and in person to connect people with their intuition and purpose by creating a space to pause, be calm and connection to your inner self.


We use a range of techniques including sound healing, coaching, rituals, cocoa ceremonies, creative visualisation, flower remedies, mindfulness and forest bathing.