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Nature Is Always Listening

What playing music has to do with the happiness of the forest.

I recently discovered a really intriguing article about how nature responds to sound, I've captured a few key points in this blog.

In the early 2000s, a series of groundbreaking studies began revealing yet another facet of that mystery — the way mushrooms respond to sound, despite having no auditory organs. One found that high-frequency sounds inhibit spore generation and mycelial growth. Another affirmed the correlation from the other side, finding that low-frequency sound waves stimulate mycelial growth.

Nature is always listening via mycelium. Mycelium is like strings on a violin, strings on a piano, strings on a guitar — these are filaments that are sensitive to vibrations.

The healthier the mycelium, the happier the canopy, and the more plentiful the flowers and berries beneath it.

People coming together and celebrating with music: nature is responding with the mycelial networks being invigorated and inducing upchannel nutrients benefitting the commons.

You can read the full article here.


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