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Everyone is talking about sound baths – here’s why

So it looks like the Gong is fast becoming in-Vogue with lots of different articles popping up in mainstream media. I've captured a few quotes to share.

STYLIST Magazine "Forget traditional spa treatments. Immersing yourself in the sound of gongs and crystal bowls is the ultimate way to feel chilled…"

“Unlike other meditations the beauty of the sound bath is that you don’t have to do anything other than lie down and listen. For me it is the fastest way to enter a meditative state.”

"There is also a healthy amount of research around sound healing, with studies linking it to a decrease in stress and anxiety, lifted moods and crediting it with lowering blood pressure more than traditional meditation."

The Evening Standard "When we think about meditation, we often think of a quiet room filled with people sitting in a lotus position with their hands balanced on their knees facing upwards, with thumb and index fingers pinched together.And, maybe some soothing music in the background. But there’s another way: a more ancient method called the gong bath."

The Times "It seems ridiculous, but bathing in the sound of a man bashing a giant cymbal can cure the headaches of modern life."

The Telegraph "Ringing the changes: why gong baths are the new yoga."

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