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Deborah is a designer & social entrepreneur focused on creatively tackling global healthcare challenges. Inspired by her shamanic work, she's trained as a sound practitioner, sacred cacao ceremony facilitator & health coach. She's currently learning to use Bach flower remedies. She’s registered with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.


"I launched The Chiltern Sound Spa to create space for people to release stresses, connect with their creativity and listen to their intuition"

Our Tribe


Claire is an ICF Coach working with individuals across the globe to unblock habitual thinking and limiting beliefs to enable them flourish personally and professionally. 


"I "I'm passionate about enabling people to uncover their passion, motivators & innate talents in order to increase their confidence and resilience." 


Sima is a yoga teacher, bringing practices from across the globe, including Bali & Costa Rica. She's registered with the Yoga Alliance International 

"My intention is to create a space that will allow people to find health along with a deeper spiritual connection"

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